Here is a description of the arrangement sizes to help you in making your selection. Please note that the cost of an arrangement is dependent on the flower varieties used and the complexity to make - and not just the size. Therefore, the number of stems is an approximate guide. If you have any questions please call us on 631-385-0055.

  • $50-$65 - our standard size - not too modest, ideal for a desk or medium size table. Approximately 16 stems, usually made in a 4"x4" or 6"x3" sized vase.
  • $66-$85 - a medium sized arrangement, perfect for a bigger table. Usually a taller than the standard size, but low enough to be placed on a desk or used on a dining table. Approximately 25% more stems than the standard size.
  • $86-$125 - a larger arrangement, still not too tall, but the budget allows us to use more decadent flower varieties and a special vase which can be enjoyed long after the flowers. This size makes an ideal centerpiece for an average size dining table. Approximately 50% more stems than the standard size.
  • $126-$150 - a large, very rich arrangement with beautiful types of flowers and designed for beauty on a grand scale. Approximately 75% more stems than the standard size.
  • $151-$200 - for the times when it has to be very special and magnificent. A very large, lush arrangement with fabulous and unique varieties of flowers, arranged in a beautiful vase, which forms part of the gift.
  • $201 and up – for the most superb times when it has to be truly spectacular and nothing short of "wow". Outstanding, luxurious, extra large arrangement of most exquisite and exceptional varieties of flowers and other natural design elements, arranged in a most delightful vase, which forms part of the gift.